Poetry by Madi

This blog will be a collection of all the poems Mom and I wrote for Angel Sammy and Teddy's Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. You two Gingers have inspired us. We thank our Huggy Puggy friends Hazel and Mabel for the idea!!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

From my Window November 16 2017

Angel Sammy and brudder Teddy

Today's 4 word challenges are
window, wink, worry wiggle

From my window I spy
birds galore and chippers. 
And of course the nasty squirrels who destroy Dad's 
planters and make him cry.
Often to my surprise and glee my friend the red
Cardinal wink(s) at me as he chows down on sunflower
seeds and suet without a worry.
Me thinks he might not realize a fierce cat I be.
The tiny chickadee is quick to take seed in a flurry.
The chippers are by far the best at scurrying.
The robin and his misses on the ground do roam.
They hop and skip about, their single mission is to quickly find

a worm that wiggles to take home.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Kitten: February 23 2017

When I was a kitten, I had a sister with white mittens. 
We shared a cage at the adoption center.
She was mostly Tortie, I was not
I'm told we played and romped and could be quite
We had no names and no homes.  
We were labeled Kitten L and Kitten M.
Then one day in the middle of May
along came three big people.
They ooooohed and ahhhhed and
discussed our furs and our cuteness.
Later we learned these big people had names and homes
that they wanted to share with two kittens.
As quick as greased lightning we two kittens
got names and homes.
Lots of papers were signed on the dotted lines.
That day in May we became Lucy and Madi
I went home with Mom and Dad!
Lucy went home Mr.G

Just: February 16 2017

BY Madison D Cat

Mom thought and thought about
 the purrfect J word.
She scratched her head so much it bled.
She tried so hard she almost cried.
Jump didn't make her blood pump
Joke nearly made her choke
Jambalya was hot but she thought 'fraid not
Jelly made her belly jiggle
Finally she gave me a jingle 
I said mom how about

To which she replied I guess I can if I

Ice Cream: February 9 2017

Ode to Ice Cream
To mom from Madi

In Mom's wildest dreams there is endless Ice cream.
Everyone knows this is not a scheme
She truly loves this frozen delight
She owns no stock in any cream
Each year in January she silently dreams
about her birthday cake, what flavors, what colors, 
will Dad request.  
She says no matter the theme,
there never has been any
 Ice Cream that was not the

Humans: February 2 2017


by Madison D Cat

Are a strange breed!
We love'em in spite of the crazy notions
 in their head.
My contract states I follow their lead
 when I sleep, play and  eat.
Hey I say, I am leader not a follower.
To be predictable is not in my DNA.
Humans are strange, their needs are many.
To them I say, let down your furs,
shake the fuzzies our your head.
Come follow me instead.

Sincerely Madi the leader.

GRITS: January 26 2017

aka Girls Raised in the South
by Madison D Cat
This is a recycled photo from a Wordless Wednesday

Girls from the South are often thought to be
Refined, kicking up their heels is on their minds
If caught, they might try to flee
They whine, beg and plead from jail to leave
So my friends if you find yourselves in the South remember to BEHAVE.

Eyes: January 12 2017

by Madison D Cat

Last week during the deep freeze my eyes
I gazed in  disbelief while visiting my loo
My green eyes 

turned blue!!

The view from my once lovely loo

had no leaves, no birds that my eyes could see.

My sunpuddle had turned to ice 
Which made me think twice
Do I really want to use a loo with no view?!

I heard all those collective sighs of relief!!

PS:  I'm taking a poll should I ask mom to by me some blue contacts?